Villa Friedheim – Quartier

The Villa Friedheim in Garmisch-Partenkirchen is the historical heart of what is today the hotel quartier. The villa was restored and extended with the aim of preserving its original charm.

Hotel Quartier Garmisch Partenkirchen altes Foto Villa Friedheim
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Architecture & design

The architectural design of our establishment is inspired by the interplay of tradition and modernity. Our love of nature and the mountains is reflected in our choice of natural materials. The simple lodges are characterised by their open-plan design, stretching from North to South. The high ceilings refresh the soul, while the Wetterstein mountains are reflected in the generously-sized windows. Our architecture simply invites you to sit back and relax in the midst of nature.


The construction of the Villa Friedheim appears in the first historical mention of the dual town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Despite the challenge posed by creating a symbiosis of tradition and modernity, the historical heart of the villa has been preserved to this day.

The front of the villa has been deliberately left in its original state. Instead, our hotel’s wooden façade echoes the old building’s carved balconies. The country house was extended with solid building components, a process which was completed in 2015. Despite the many changes, the flair of the old villa is still in evidence.


Nature has been very generous to the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. It inspires us, nourishes us and forms the keystone of our establishment’s value system. The selection of natural woods, our regional cuisine and the use of ecological detergents all serve as the basic tenets of our hotel quartier.

Hotel Quartier Garmisch Partenkirchen altes Foto Villa Friedheim
Hotel Quartier Garmisch Partenkirchen Architekten Broschüre

Baukulturführer 119 (Guide to Building Culture vol. 119), priced at € 4.00

Büro Wilhelm. Verlag
Lederergasse 5, 92224 Amberg

ISBN: 978-3-943242-98-0

Quartier architecture

Prizes & awards

Our passions were the driving forces for the design and construction of our establishment. These are based on values such as sustainability, regional thinking and environmental responsibility. These values were also the source of the architecture used in the quartier. As a result, we’re very proud of the many prestigious awards we have been privileged to receive to date.

  • BDA Preis Bayern 2019 (Prize awarded by the Association of German Architects, Bavaria, 2019), honourable mention
  • Holzbaupreis Bayern (German Timber Construction Award, Bavaria), prize winner 2018
  • HolzbauPlus, (Timber Construction Award), prize winner 2018
  • Heinze ArchitektenAWAARD (award from an association of architects), prize winner 2018
  • Wessobrunner Architekturpreis (award from an association of architects), prize winner 2018
  • DETAIL PREIS 2018, (prize awarded by DETAIL magazine), online voting
  • Preis für Baukultur der Metropolregion München, (Prize for Building Culture awarded by the Munich Metropolitan Region), prize winner 2018
  • DAM Preis 2018, (prize awarded by the German Architecture Museum), nominated
  • Deutscher Holzbaupreis 2017 (German Timber Construction Award 2017), shortlisted
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Together we’re stronger


Our employees are the very soul of our establishment. Our team cares for our guests, there for them every step of the way with valuable advice and support, and lives out the values which make our hotel so unique. Our employees are warm-hearted people devoted to making you happy.

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Loyal to the region

Partners & suppliers

Our meat comes from the Murnau-based Werdenfelser farm, while our fish is supplied by the fishery Platzfisch. All our selected suppliers are from the local area. As a result, only fresh, regional dishes reach your table. Your recreation hours are also taken care of thanks to our experienced partners, who ensure leisure trips to Garmisch’s natural surroundings are a very special experience.

  • Torch-lit hike
  • Evening in a mountain hut
  • Cookery course/team cooking
  • Partnach Gorge
  • Chocolate tasting
  • Guided tour of the Great Olympic Hill (ski jumping hill)
  • Tour of Alpsitze/Zugspitze
  • Visit to the historic Ludwigstrasse/Frühlingsstrasse
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