Hospitality at quartier

In these rapidly changing times, we’ve come up with a new take on hospitality, in which excesses and superfluities give way to simplicity and pure, streamlined clarity. The quartier is modern, timeless and sustainable down to the last detail. Not because it’s fashionable, but because it’s vital for each of us to be one with nature – and with our surroundings.

The quartier: a place of hospitality.

View of the new building of the quartier. The wooden facade is broken by large windows. In the background, the mountain panorama stretches into the bright blue sky.
View of the hotel lobby. Modern interior design made of concrete. Reception desk made of natural wood, behind which a staircase leads to the upper floor.
Staircase of the old villa. In the background can be seen the library.
Interior view of the pleasantly furnished restaurant/breakfast room. Looking at a set wooden table.
Upper floor of the maisonette lodge, the walls are covered with wood. In front of a railing there is an armchair and a lamp. In the background can be seen a large window.

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