The modular forum is suitable for any type of event – whether a birthday party, conference or presentation. The bright space opens up to the courtyard, creating a sense of playfulness and lightness.

The entire room becomes a stage for exhibitions or presentations.

Room Forum. 200sqm rectangular room. Due to the large window front on one longitudinal wall, the modern spacious room is very bright.

A pleasant amount of space, structured by concrete beams and the window front: spacious but cosy at the same time.

A modern room with concrete pillars, white pedestals, and various art pieces displayed under large windows. The space is well-lit and spacious, creating an industrial yet inviting ambiance.

Seating is arranged according to the event - for up to 100 people or smaller groups, with or without tables.

A modern conference room with a long white table, blue chairs, and a projection screen.

Soundproof curtains separate the room if required and create a focussed atmosphere.

A modern, spacious interior with concrete pillars, hanging lights, and versatile curtains. Polished concrete floor and ceiling create an industrial vibe, while curtains add privacy and warmth. Illuminated by hanging lights, it's a contemporary setting for gatherings or workspaces.

The forum is permeable and opens onto the courtyard...

A minimalist room with a wooden bench and a small wooden model of buildings on display near the window.

...with seating, lots of greenery and clear shapes.

An outdoor seating area with a potted tree, chairs, umbrella and a red wagon.

The forum occupies the entire ground floor of the new building, with the lodges above.

A modern architectural building with geometric design, surrounded by lush greenery and a seating area with an umbrella.

01 Tagung Seating, projector, screen, flipchart

02 Feier Tables, chairs, sound system, buffet, use of the outdoor area

03 Workshop Room separation by soundproof curtain, group division possible

04 Ausstellung Pedestals, tables, sound system

Four different seating arrangement plans in a room.


Additional offer

In addition to the option of using the quartier's organic breakfast, a private chef can cater for the event in question. Please feel free to contact us!

A modern dining setting with an abstract painting, hanging light fixture, wooden table, white flowers, and salt and pepper shakers.