What is the quartier all about?


We are living in a time of transition: natural resources are up for grabs, our consumption habits are changing. Gone are the days in which excess meant luxury. Quantity is out, quality and sustainability are in. We’re getting back to basics, to the luxury of everyday life and making room for spirituality. Our idea of hospitality is to provide that space. The quartier is about responsibility – about finding answers to the questions of our times.


By rejecting easy solutions, we gain in substance, consistency and, ultimately, in standing as a sustainable retreat. Sustainability and quality are one and the same thing. Whether it’s materials, meals or space: what is good and pleasant is always in harmony with nature and humanity.

The quartier consistently foregoes everything superfluous: unnecessary distractions and electronic disturbances as well as chemicals in the bedding. Our hospitality is about getting rid of stuff.


What is sustainable is what endures. The quartier thinks not in terms of quarterly results, but medium- and long-term. We bank on development and we know our guests are not into having, but being. Hospitality means anticipating our guests’ desires – with natural, sustainable, high-quality accommodation.

Meaning is created where the individual is elevated and embedded in something greater.

We are in an ongoing process and our manifesto will continue to grow.

Interior view in a room decorated with vase, stool and candle. The room is characterized by the raw wall and floor.

Simplicity is beautiful, and beauty always simple.