Living and sleeping on two levels. Our maisonette has the homely feel of a Tiny House: sheltered and protected in the sleeping area, but light and spacious in the front. The natural materials have a balmy effect, and up to seven-meter-high rooms provide true luxury.

A freshly made double bed of natural wood. Above the head side there is a shelf with two lamps. The walls next to the bed are also made of natural wood and on the right side of the bed a small staircase leads to the living area.
Sleep better than ever! Not only because of the mountain air, but also because of all the wood: the untreated walls and ceilings smell almost like forest!
View into one of the bedrooms of the lodge maisonette. The freshly made bed is facing a large window, which offers a view of the open sky and the mountains. In front of the window is a comfortable armchair and a floor lamp.
Windows instead of TV: in the visual axes stands the mountain world, beautiful and powerful in any weather. The view falls far.
View from the second floor into the lower area of the lodge maisonette. You can see the kitchenette with seating band and a wooden stool standing around a wooden table. A large window brightens the room.
Space enough for snacks or a round of Mikado: no kitchenette would be complete without a corner bench.
Upper floor of the maisonette lodge, the walls are covered with wood. In front of a railing stand an armchair and hangs a hammock. In the background can be seen a large window.
Far away from the noise of the world: hang out and unwind in the attic.
Interior of the lower maisonette with armchairs, side table and a large window.
Lean back and immerse yourself: in a book, in your thoughts or in relaxation.
Blick von oben auf einen Schreibtisch mit Lampe, darunter befinden sich ein Bett, ein Sessel und ein Beistelltisch.
Flip the switch: At the push of a button, the WLAN switches off, life springs into action!
Dachgeschoss der Maisonett Lodge mit Hängematte und Sesseln.
Akku aufladen im Herzen Garmischs.
Floor plan of the lodge maisonette. This consists of two levels. In the lower area are, kitchen and sleeping area. On the upper floor is space for relaxation with hammock.
First floor 

Attic - Gallery


Special Qualities


A new kind of accommodation: discover the special qualities of the quarter for an unforgettable stay.

Detail view of a vase filled with flowers, placed beside a book on a coffee table. A spacious window frames a natural view in the background.