Classic, but by no means traditional: the apartment in the attic of the Old Villa has a modern and clear feel. Nothing is distracting: The only thing hanging in the skylights is the mountain world, light washes around the eat-in kitchen. Because of the bunk bed, an ideal retreat for families.

Room view with sloping roof and two skylights, in the foreground is a wooden table with four chairs, behind it is a sofa with side table.
To play, eat and just be: plenty of space, even under the slope.
View of the bedroom with a sloping roof and a skylight. The double bed is freshly made. It is accompanied by two night tables and lamps shining on them.
Find peace through an atmosphere of clarity and silence. Nothing disturbs sleep in the quartier!
View of the spacious kitchen and lounge area. In the foreground is a wooden table with four wooden chairs. In the background is an open modern kitchen made of natural wood and white lower cabinet elements.
A whole floor to itself - with a kitchen-living room full of light through window-high balcony doors.
View of an alcove with freshly made double bed of natural wood. Each bed has its own bed lamp.
Über die Räuberleiter in die Schlafhöhle: Das Kinderversteck ist seine ganz eigene Ecke.
Couch in front of the roof window with mountain view.
Lean back and immerse yourself: in a book, in your thoughts or in relaxation.
Floor plan of the Holiday Flat Old Villa. This consists of one level. Through the entrance you enter the spacious living and dining area with an open kitchen, a free-standing table for six people and a sofa. The large balcony is accessible from here. To the left you reach the spacious bedroom with a double bed. From the living and dining area, to the right, a small corridor leads towards the spacious bathroom with a bathtub and shower. Opposite the bathroom is the loft bed for two people.
Attic of the Old Villa, all on one level.

Special Qualities


A new kind of accommodation: discover the special qualities of the quarter for an unforgettable stay.

Detail view of a vase filled with flowers, placed beside a book on a coffee table. A spacious window frames a natural view in the background.